A Solar-Powered Cell Phone and Tablet Charger That Actually Works!

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The problem with cell phone and tablet power banks is that they need to be plugged in for a few hours beforehand to ensure that they are charged before you head out for the day. Who remembers to do that? There are solar-powered chargers, but most have integrated solar panels that are too small and too inefficient. Sure, they will charge it back up – in 3 days.

So there hasn’t been a really good portable battery charging solution – until now.

The Solartab is unlike any other power bank or solar charger. It features a great design, a high-capacity 13,000 mAh internal battery,  and a 5.5W solar panel powerful enough to charge your phone and even your tablet.  Plus the built-in cover protects it when it’s tucked away in your bag. But the cover also works as a stand for the solar panel, so you can angle the panel in three different positions to angle it for maximum sun exposure.

With two USB ports and a micro USB port (in case you are in the perpetual darkness of an Alaskan winter and have to plug it in to recharge it), the Solartab is ready to keep any of your mobile devices going at all times.

With Solartab’s never-ending source of energy, you can actually never plug your phone or tablet into a wall charger again. Imagine that!


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