Get Notified of Incoming Calls, Messages, Alarms & Notifications

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How often have you missed a call, message or alarm because you didn’t hear or feel your phone? Maybe you left it in the next room, buried it in your purse, or maybe you were walking or driving the car and couldn’t hear it.

Enter the Ditto, which was created to solve this very problem – missed calls, and lost phones.

Designed to vibrate in a customized pattern that is easily selected in the App, Ditto will let you know when something or someone important to you is trying to get in touch. Think of Ditto as a “Supplementary Notifier”, a backup to your phone.

Additionally, Ditto has a silent alarm that wakes you and not your partner, and a virtual tether that reminds you when you’ve forgotten your phone.

Simply clip Ditto on and go about your day. Set it up for favorites and filter out unwanted distractions, or turn it on for everything and be more in sync with your phone than ever. With an integrated clip, Ditto can be attached to a bra strap, a shirt, inserted in a coin pocket, or even worn on its included wrist band. No need to charge, no cables and no buttons! After multiple months of use, when your battery runs down, simply replace its CR1632 battery (about a buck on Amazon).

Ditto is waterproof, tough, durable and wirelessly updatable directly through the App. Ditto’s team promises to release compatibility updates for new apps, bug fixes, and other cool features.

Ditto comes complete with battery, wristband, slimming coin slot door, and smartphone app.


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