Internet-Connected Family Communication Device

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The Triby is a wi-fi and bluetooth-enabled communication device designed to keep families connected.

It’s essentially a Bluetooth-enabled speaker phone with integrated wi-fi voice over IP (VoIP) calling using the Triby iPhone app (an Android app is in the works). Designed for families with younger children, when a parent (or anyone else with a connected iPhone) is away from home, one-button calling connects the Triby with the phone via free VoIP internet calling. When you’re home, the Triby is a bluetooth-enabled speakerphone, so you can place and receive calls on the Triby through your smartphone.

In addition, the Triby will stream music from your smartphone via bluetooth, or play thousands of Spotify radio stations via its wi-fi connection.

You can stick it to a refrigerator door with its built-in magnets, prop on on a counter or carry it around. It’s got several buttons that can dial parents or an emergency number directly. No numbers to remember–just a simple push of a button to connect. Its LCD screen has a messaging app that lets you post messages and reminders on its screen, or send hand-drawn messages back and forth between Triby and its app-connected smarthpones. A yellow flag even pops out from the side of the unit when Triby receives a message.

Triby is so easy to use, even your littlest loved one can receive your doodles or messages, as well as acknowledge them by either pushing in the yellow flag, sending an emoticon, or using one of the pre-set buttons to give you a phone call.


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