Smart Nightlight that Monitors your Smoke and CO Detectors

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When your smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off when you are home, their piercing alarm immediately grabs your attention or wakes you up. But what about when you aren’t home? You can install a monitored alarm system, but the installation cost can be hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention the ongoing monthly monitoring fees which can add up to hundreds of dollars annually.

That’s where the Leeo Smart Alert comes in. The Leeo is a wifi-connected plug and play device that doubles as a nightlight. What makes the Leeo nightlight smart is that it listens for the different alarm sounds emitted by your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that you already have in your house. If it hears one go off, it notifies your smart phone (both iPhone and Android apps are available) via your house’s internet connection. When you set up the Leeo Smart Alert, you can add an emergency contact list, so if you don’t respond to the alert, Leeo will move on to the next person on the list. And all this without having to replace your smoke detectors or carbon monoxide alarms, and no monthly subscription or monitoring fees!

The Leeo Smart Alert also monitors the temperature and humidity in your home, and alerts you if those numbers drop or spike. If you are on vacation and get an alert that it’s 40 degrees F in your house, your furnace has probably gone out and you can have it tended to right away before your pipes (or aquarium) freeze.

One Leeo device will cover an average home. $100 might sound like a lot for a night light, but when you figure the monitoring charges alone for a monitored alarm system can add up to more that that in just 2 to 3 months, it is a steal. Not to mention the peace of mind it gives you knowing that you can keep an eye (or ear, in this case) on your house while you are away.

Oh, and it’s also a nightlight that can be set to any one of 16 million colors using the app.

The Leeo Smart Alert is available through both Best Buy and Amazon.


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